Syl, das bin ich! I reside in central Europe and have been playing videogames since the early 80ies. My first proper MMORPG was FFXI in 2002 and I have stuck with the genre ever since, playing too many games to recall them all. My top five MMORPGs are FFXIV, LOTRO, GW2, Wildstar and WoW (for old time’s sake) in that order. I am a diehard explorer and care about simulation, immersion and cooperation in MMOs as well as shiny things and dragons.


Other than running this blog, I co-host the Battle Bards MMO music podcast and write a biweekly music column over at MMOGames besides more irregular freelance work. Over the years, I have appeared as a guest on a variety of other podcasts, so for further e-stalking I recommend checking them out. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)